Chinese spy plane enters Taiwan ADIZ, 12th straight day of incursions

Taipei-A Chinese military spy plane entered Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Tuesday evening, the 12th consecutive day there have been intrusions, according to Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MND).

The aircraft, a tactical reconnaissance variant of China's Y-8 transport plane, flew into the airspace southwest of Taiwan, between Taiwan and the Dongsha (Pratas) Islands in the South China Sea, according to a chart provided by the MND.

The Air Force responded to the intrusion by scrambling fighter jets to monitor the Chinese aircraft, issuing radio warnings and mobilizing air defense assets until it left the zone, the MND said.

The airspace above strategic waters connecting the Taiwan Strait and the Bashi Channel to the South China Sea, is considered by Taiwan to be part of its ADIZ, to allow identification, location and control of approaching foreign aircraft.

However, unlike territorial airspace, no legal foundation for an ADIZ, which usually extends beyond sovereign airspace, is explicitly stipulated in international law.

Based on MND records, Tuesday's intrusion marked the 12th consecutive day in which at least one Chinese military plane entered the airspace since Jan. 22.

The MND established a section on its website in mid-September 2020 to make public the movements of Chinese military planes near Taiwan, as such maneuvers have become an almost daily occurrence.

Since January 1, 2021 up to press time, China has deployed planes to that area on 29 days.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel