Consumer group finds pork in products sold as beef or lamb

Several vendors of beef and lamb items are misrepresenting their products, the Consumer Protection Association of Taiwan (CPAT) charged Tuesday, after it found pork in several of their products.

The association had testing service provider SGS test 50 different beef and lamb products sold locally, and seven of them were found to contain pork, including six items purchased directly from online sellers.

The other problematic item was from a renowned lamb hotpot restaurant in Tainan, the association said.

Of the 50 tested items, 25 were lamb and beef meatballs and meat slices bought online and the other half were lamb items bought from such stores as hotpot restaurants, malls, supermarkets and specialized meat stores in Pingtung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, the group said.

Meat items sold as lamb or beef should not contain any traces of pork, the CPAT said, and it warned consumers to be aware of unscrupulous shops that include pork in products represented as beef and lamb.

The group urged government authorities to rigorously inspect the sources of the problem meat products, and asked the vendors not to mislead consumers and remove their products from the shelves, or label the ingredients in their products more accurately.

The Kaohsiung-based CPAT was founded in 1994 and is a nonprofit, nongovernmental civil organization that commits to advancing the interest, status, and awareness of consumers through marketing surveys.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel