CORONAVIRUS/Post office announces reservation schedule for stimulus vouchers

People will be able to make reservations to receive printed versions of government-issued stimulus vouchers, valued at NT$5,000 (US$179.56) from Oct. 4-30, Chunghwa Post said Wednesday.

Reservations for a total of 8.4 million physical vouchers can be made through the company's website or by telephone and then picked up at post offices from Oct. 12, according to Chunghwa Post.

Each reservation, which allows voucher pick-ups after three days, can include up to five people, including the applicants themselves, the company said.

Once reservations are completed, the post office will send applicants cell phone messages so they know when and where to pick up the vouchers.

Meanwhile, from Nov. 1 to April 30, people can pick up vouchers at post offices in person without making reservations, it said.

Those who wish to pick up vouchers for more than six people at one time should also make a reservation and do so during the same period, according to the post office.

Chunghwa Post has said post offices will most likely be busiest handling the voucher program in the first two to three weeks after it starts, when it expects about 500,000 pick-ups each day.

To meet demand, all 1,269 post offices across the country will extend opening hours on two Saturdays, Oct. 16 and 23, it said.

The vouchers, which are being released to the public as a way of stimulating the nation's economy hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, will be available in either print or electronic formats to Taiwanese citizens, their foreign or Chinese spouses, holders of Alien Permanent Resident Certificates and diplomats.

Printed vouchers can also be pre-ordered at Taiwan's four major convenience store chains, according to the Cabinet.

Those who opt for digital vouchers can apply for them using digital payment services from Sept. 22, with the vouchers valid from Oct. 8, it added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel