Cyclists in Taiwan embark on tour in support of Tibetans

Taipei-About a dozen cyclists toured major landmarks in Taipei on Wednesday, ahead of Tibetan Uprising Day, to raise public awareness of Tibetan’s desire for freedom.

The annual activity, dubbed “Cycling for a Free Tibet,” was launched in 2011 by Tashi Tsering (????), founder of the Human Rights Network for Tibet and Taiwan (HRNTT).

It is usually held ahead of Tibetan Uprising Day, which is observed March 10 by the Tibetan people in protest against China’s presence in their homeland and in commemoration of the Tibetan uprising in Lhasa against China on that same date in 1959.

On Wednesday, the cyclists in Taipei stopped at the Legislative Yuan, where Tashi carried out a traditional Tibetan religious ritual that is believed to dispel negative elements.

As part of the ritual, he placed photos of the COVID-19 coronavirus and Chinese flag into a box that would be burned later in the day to symbolize the elimination of “doom.”

After the ritual, independent Legislator Freddy Lim (???) addressed the gathering, saying he hoped the COVID-19 pandemic would soon subside and all authoritarian regimes worldwide would fall.

Lim also said he wished to see the Tibetan people gain freedom and he hoped the Dalai Lama would visit Taiwan when the pandemic ends.

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Hung Sun-han (???) also spoke at the gathering, saying China was to be blamed for the spread of COVID-19 because of its suppression of freedom of speech and information related to the disease, when it broke out there in late 2019.

From the Legislative Yuan, the cyclists rode to 228 Peace Memorial Park and the Taipei 101 skyscraper, according to HRNTT’s Facebook page.

The public awareness cycling tours will continue Feb. 17 and 24 in Taipei and March 3 in Kaohsiung, the group said.

It also plans to organize two other events in Taipei soon, a march at Freedom Square on March 7 and a rally on March 10, it said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel