Ex-major on the run after entering Taiwan naval base with fake ID

Police are still trying to locate a suspect who entered Tsoying Naval Base in Kaohsiung on Friday night by using a fake ID and fled the scene after being stopped by security guards as he was leaving the base.

In a statement Monday, the city's Tsoying Precinct said it received a report from the naval base on Saturday that a suspect was on the run after it was found that he entered the base holding a fake ID card.

According to a separate press release issued by the Navy, the suspect has been identified as a retired major surnamed Chen (?).

Chen successfully entered the base compound at 11:27 p.m. Friday, but as he was leaving the venue at 12:24 a.m. just under an hour later, he was asked by security guards at the base's exit for his ID.

As one of the guards was double checking the authenticity of Chen's ID with related military personnel, Chen fled and left the base, according to the Navy press release, and the guards eventually determined that the ID was a fake.

The naval base has collected all evidence pertaining to the case, including CCTV footage, and handed it to the police to help find Chen, the Navy said.

Nothing was stolen by Chen while he was in the military compound because the offices were locked, according to the Navy, which said it would punish the guards who let Chen enter the base in the first place.

The Navy has also strengthened security checks for all those who enter the base, it said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel