Executives of MCOT and TV Channel 5 discuss organizational management.

MCOT, Executives of Channel 5 visited MCOT to exchange guidelines for personnel development. Enhance online platform content

Mr. Phatiyuth Jaisawang, Acting Director of MCOT PCL., together with the executive team. Welcoming General Wichian Khaengkhan, Chairman of the Advisory Board to the President. Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station or Channel 5 along with its executive team To meet and exchange opinions on media business management under a highly competitive environment. Human resource management and future business direction

Mr. Phatiyuth said that MCOT held a meeting to exchange opinions with the executives of the Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station. Emphasis is placed on business operations strategies and human resources management. At present, MCOT has made great adjustments in order to keep up with changes in the digital media era. and competition in the media business By emphasizing the development of personnel in the organization Increase work skills to at least 2 skills, increase knowledge of technology. to the development of media distributed through various channels Separated by content format Especially in online groups

As for the media business, there will be income from many channels. including advertisements broadcast on MCOT HD Channel 31, a live streaming service of various important events. to consulting on media production. In addition, MCOT also has plans to develop real estate to generate income in the future as well.

Source: Thai News Agency