First Lady Iriana calls for end to violence in Palestine

Jakarta (ANTARA) – First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo and members of the Solidarity Act Organization of the Onward Indonesia Cabinet (OASE KIM) called for an immediate end to violence in Palestine.”I really hope that violence can be ended, war can be ended, access to humanitarian aid can be opened, and let us jointly help our brothers and sisters in Palestine,” Iriana said in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel of the Presidential Secretariat here on Sunday. She noted that many people in Gaza have lost their lives, including children and women, most of whom are innocent civilians. She said that living in Gaza is getting more difficult because access to clean water, electricity, and food is also very limited. “As a woman, as a mother, I am very devastated to see this situation. I cannot imagine the suffering of innocent children who have to face this harsh reality,” she said. She invited all parties to live in harmony and avoid division and conflict. Iriana and OASE KIM also send prayers for the condition in Palestine and the victims.

Source: Antara News Agency