Found it! Three children got lost in the forest while looking for mushrooms.

Uthai Thani, Found 3 children, ages 14-16, lost in the Huai Kha Khaeng forest. While looking for mushrooms Physical condition is exhausted. Revealed to live and sleep along the edge of a stream

Search team mobilizing administrative officials Huai Kha Khaeng officials and more than 100 villagers rushed out to search for three Karen students who had gone looking for roots and gotten lost in the forest. All three boys, ages 14-16, had left home. When renting a car on November 1, 2023 at 4:00 a.m., walk into the forest around the Huai Mae Di checkpoint. To find mushrooms, hoping to sell them to make money. Since leaving home and not returning, parents and relatives are very worried because the forest area has wild animals such as elephants, wild buffalo, and elephants. They fear that the child will be in danger.

Later, a search found marks on the road. The route near the Red Cross checkpoint Write down the names of the 3 children, indicating that they had walked back this way. Then the rescue workers He took a photo and sent it to the mother of the three children to see whose son’s handwriting it was, but it was not confirmed, so it was still not possible to confirm whether it was the handwriting of the children or the patrol team that was looking for them.

Meanwhile, the village headman of Kaen Makrut Subdistrict said that he had been informed by the villagers that The footprints of the three children have been found, far from the spot where a wild buffalo had gored and killed a pilgrim. At Red Ant Creek So he was worried because of the wild animals in that area, including elephants, bison, and buffalo. He was worried about the three children who still had no experience. It may cause you to get lost in the deep forest.

Later, the team of the red elders Village Headman, Village No. 3, Kaen Makrut Subdistrict along with the dog went to meet the three children Located at the Huai Mod Daeng intersection. It was about 40 kilometers away from the forest entrance point. After shouting for And the dog that went with him ran and searched for the child until he found it. All three were in a state of exhaustion. It made all the searchers happy. The total time spent traveling into the forest to search was approximately 2 hours and walking to take the child out of the forest for another 2 hours. By the time they were out of the forest, it was evening and the child was taken to the hospital for a checkup.

The child said that at night he had to sleep by the stream. As for the parents and children, they thanked all the officials who helped them get out of the forest safely.

Source: Thai News Agency