Google releases most popular Taiwanese search terms of 2022

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) “1922” hotline was named Wednesday as the most-searched-for item on Google in Taiwan over the past year.

The announcement came as part of Google’s “Year in Search 2022” review for Taiwan, which ranked the most popular entries on its search engine from December 2021 through the end of November this year.

In the review, the keywords “Ukraine” and “earthquake” grabbed the second and third spots, while the terms “pandemic” and “World Cup” rounded out the top five.

Moving down the list, “rapid test map” came in sixth, followed by “Shinzo Abe,” “Vaccine reservations” and Taiwan’s “Chinese Professional Baseball League” (CPBL) in spots seven through nine.

“Eison Chai” (??), a Malaysia-born singer popular in Taiwan who fell to his death near Luzhou MRT Station in August, was the 10th most popular search, the results showed.

In a press release, Google noted that COVID-19-related keywords accounted for three of the top 10 searches, while two — Ukraine and Abe — had to do with international events and two were related to sports.

In addition to ranking popular search terms, the annual rundown also included lists of Taiwan’s most-searched people, travel destinations and product recommendation requests.

In the list of most-searched people, Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin (???), who was badly injured in a car crash in July, was in first place, followed by U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi in second.

Spots three through five, meanwhile, were claimed by former Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-chien (???), actress Barbie Hsu (???), and Hsinchu Mayor-elect Kao Hung-an (???), according to the results.

Among international travel destinations, Japan reaffirmed its status as a favorite of Taiwanese tourists, with Okinawa, Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido finishing in places one to four, followed by Singapore in the No. 5 spot.

The review’s most revealing perspective on the year 2022, however, may have come in the list of top Taiwanese Google product recommendation requests.

In order, it contained: pulse oximeters, clothes dryers, swimsuits, raincoats, COVID-19 insurance, face masks, reusable cups, effervescent tablets, electric blankets and rain boots.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel