Here comes the gold bag lottery, selling for 2,000 baht per unit.

Bangkok, The Gold Bag Lottery has arrived, selling for 2,000 baht per unit, with a chance to win first prize worth 60 million baht 24 times, Grand Prize worth 60 million baht, and other prizes totaling more than 77 million baht per month.

Mr. Chatchai Sirilai, Manager of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), revealed that on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the BAAC’s founding, the BAAC Lottery has been launched. Bag of Gold” 2,000 baht per unit, 50 million units, divided into 5 categories: GA, GB, GC, GD and GE, 10 million units per category, total credit limit 100,000 million baht, deposit term 2 years, when the deposit matures. You will receive interest of 35 baht per unit, equivalent to an interest rate of 0.875 percent per year. The first prize has a value of up to 60 million baht and you will also have the right to win other prizes every month, a total of 24 times, with a prize draw every 16th of the month. Except for January Prizes will be drawn on January 17th, consisting of 1st prize, Grand Prize, category, 1 prize, 60,000,000 baht each, different categories, 1st prize, 4 prizes, 100,000 baht each, 2nd prize, spin 3 times, 15 prizes, 100,000 baht each, 3rd prize. Spin 10 times, 50 prizes, 50,000 baht each. 4th prize, spin 20 times, 100 prizes, 20,000 baht each. 5th prize, spin 100 times, 500 prizes, 10,000 baht each. Last 4 digit prize, spin 1 time, 5,000 prizes, 250 baht per prize. baht and the last 3 digit prizes are spun 2 times, totaling 100,000 prizes, 50 baht each, for a total of 105,670 prizes per draw, equivalent to a maximum prize of 77,650,000 baht per month.

For those who deposit lottery tickets through the BAAC Mobile application and wish to issue a savings lottery card. The bank will charge a fee of 20 baht per lottery card issuance and in the case of withdrawing the lottery ticket before the end of the term, no interest will be received. Or in the case where the lottery deposit has not been completed for 3 months, the BAAC will charge a withdrawal fee from the lottery value of 40 baht per unit. Interest and winnings from savings lottery deposits are exempt from taxes for individuals and can be used as BAAC loan collateral as well. The first prize draw will begin on November 16th, where lottery depositors within the 15th of the month will have the right to check the prize for that month.

You can check the results of the draw and watch the live broadcast of the savings lottery draw on the website. Facebook Page BAAC Thailand and BAAC Service with Hearts Youtube Channel “BAAC Thailand” and the BAAC Mobile application. The bank will transfer the prize money into a savings account that is an account. Customers’ transfer pairs immediately on the next day after the draw date of each draw. Ask for more details at all BAAC branches nationwide or Call Center 02 555 0555.

Source: Thai News Agency