Ministry of Foreign Affairs reveals one Thai person was shot and injured in an attack on Israel.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that one Thai person was shot and injured in a rocket attack in Israel. The Thai Embassy in Tel Aviv has taken care of it.

Mrs. Kanchana Phattharachoke, Director-General of the Department of Information And a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that he received a report from the Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, reporting a rocket attack into Israel that today (7 Oct. 2023) at approximately 6:30 a.m. local time (following Thailand 4 hours) There has been a widespread rocket attack on Israel. Distributed from around the Gaza Strip. Central area of the country including Tel Aviv Neighboring cities and Jerusalem The embassy has warned Thai people in Israel. and publish a video of how to behave when the warning signal is heard: the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Foreign Affairs Command the Embassy Take care of Thai people and follow the situation closely.

Israeli authorities have declared an emergency area 80 kilometers around the Gaza Strip, including Tel Aviv. Opening public bunkers in various cities Ready to call in additional reserve soldiers The Israeli Ministry of Tourism has issued a warning to tourists.

As for the impact on Thai people in Israel, the Embassy was informed that a Thai person working at Moshav Mishtakim was shot by an assailant who was injured in the leg. The Embassy has contacted to speak. We talked already. Still in good spirits and contacted a doctor for online consultation. There are approximately 5,000 Thai people residing in the Gaza Strip.

The situation continues to develop. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will closely monitor the situation. and will report progress periodically For Thai people affected, please contact:

Royal Thai Embassy Phone number (+972) 546368150

Division for the Protection and Care of Thai People Abroad, Number 02 575 1047-51.

Source: Thai News Agency