NDC unveils 4-year plan to nurture Taiwan’s digital talent pool

Taipei-The Cabinet-level National Development Council (NDC) unveiled a four-year plan Monday focusing on several goals, including the nurturing of Taiwan’s digital talent pool.

The other focal points, the NDC said, will be improving Taiwan’s bilingual education and expanding efforts to hire talent internationally.

These measures will be aimed at promoting Taiwan’s competitiveness and ensuring that it plays a critical role in the dynamic restructuring of the global supply chain, the NDC said.

Lin Chih-mei (???), who heads the NDC’s Department of Human Resource Development, said the council will push for further amendments to the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals to make it easier for foreign talent to work in Taiwan.

In terms of the fostering of local digital talent, Lin said the NDC will work this year with other government agencies and experts from various fields to come up with a more concrete definition of what constitutes “digital talent.”

“After all, the digital competencies needed in the cultural sector and in the information and communications industry vary immensely,” she said.

According to the NDC, Taiwan currently faces a shortage of skilled workers, most notably in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

In addition, the percentage of Taiwan’s college graduates in STEM fields stood at roughly 30 percent in 2020, Lin said.

“It’s really not enough to meet the future need for digital talent,” Lin said.

According to the NDC official, it was an indication that the government needed to beef up its efforts to cultivate digital talent.

Also on Monday, Lin said Taiwan will try to establish a “semiconductor academy” this year.

She was referring to a plan discussed at a meeting between Vice Premier Shen Jong-chin (???) and representatives from the semiconductor industry to have the government, academia and industry set up a semiconductor academy.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel