OIC launches offensive game to draw people into the insurance system

The OIC launches an offensive game, organizing an innovation contest. Promote access to the insurance system OIC Be Smart First Jobber Season 2

Mr. Chuchat Pramunphon, Secretary-General of the Insurance Business Regulatory and Promotion Commission (Secretary-General of the OIC), presided over the opening of the OIC Be Smart First Jobber insurance preparation project for the 2nd year at Rise Innovation. Rise Innovation Hub to promote knowledge and understanding about insurance to the target group of students at the higher education level, graduates, and those entering the labor market (First Jobber) to be able to use insurance as a tool for managing finances and Everyday risks

Including promoting knowledge and understanding of insurance careers among students that can actually be used to manage risks. The second year of the OIC Be Smart First Jobber project is different from the project in previous years under the concept of Insure Experience to create new experiences and excitement. Interested and stimulates the learning process Participation from students

through 5 main activities: the first activity is brainstorming and exchanging opinions in the form of a mini exhibition so that event participants are aware of the risks associated with First Jobber, including receiving items that Souvenirs in the form of random boxes To reflect the risk patterns that can be faced at any time in life.

Activity 2: Adjustment from talking with opinion leaders. It was organized in the form of a mini-concert for attendees to interact with thought leaders, including Mr. Tasanai Kittirangsuwan (Tao), a contestant on The Voice and The Voice All Stars. Activity 3: Lecture on the topic Explore. the Future : Mastering Risk Management in Life, managing risks that are inevitable in life by Assistant Professor Dr. Samphan Netyanan, Lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration Economics and Communication Naresuan University It has direct expertise in risk management and insurance in a lecture format that is fun, easy to understand, and emphasizes student participation.

Activity 4: InsureXperience and Career Path Talk “Insurance Career Path Experience” by speakers from the OIC and the insurance industry. This is thanks to all the associations in the insurance industry. Including speakers from the OIC Office and speakers from the business sector. and activity number 5: OIC Creative Workshop by Assistant Professor Dr. Asadang Phonnok, former director of the Lower Northern Science Park. Expert in organizing the learning process to replicate the business model Facing and managing risks Including various forms of insurance for students to participate in planning and solving problems in a virtual format.

Format and conditions include: 1. The proposed innovation must be able to answer important questions: “How to promote knowledge so that Thai people have more access to the insurance system?” The submitter may present an innovation that focuses on the target group of students, first jobbers, or the general public. 2. Contestants can submit Work in the form of an individual or a group of people And all submitters must be students in higher education institutions only. 3. The format for the competition’s work in the qualifying round is to create a presentation. The length should not exceed 5 images or slides to tell about the said innovation in terms of concept or conceptual idea. Submissions can be sent via electronic mail. firstjobber@oic.or.th by 11:59 p.m. on November 26, 2023 or for more information contact the Insurance Promotion Group, Office of the OIC, call 02 515 3999 ext. 3313.

committee of experts The work will be judged. In order to get the best 6 works, there are criteria for considering and rating the works based on the form and content that is interestingly presented. Easy to understand and clear Accounted for 20 percent, creativity in presentation and practical application. (Outstanding freshness Not unique to other works) accounting for 30 percent and the application of various knowledge to develop innovations that are in line with the contest topic. Accounted for 50 percent

The six finalists will come and present their work to a committee of experts. which includes Executives of the OIC Office, experts and thought leaders or innovation experts on November 30, 2023, and the Office of the OIC has organized online coaching so that students can improve and develop their work from the selection round to have additional, clear details. Can be implemented in practice There will be a period of 10 minutes to present and answer questions from the committee.

As for the prizes that participants in this activity will receive, one winner will receive a cash prize of 50,000 baht along with a plaque and certificate. The first runner-up will receive a cash prize of 25,000 baht along with a plaque and certificate. The 2nd runner-up will receive a cash prize of 10,000 baht along with a plaque and certificate. The 3 honorable mention prizes will receive a cash prize of 5,000 baht each and a certificate.

Source: Thai News Agency