Opening of the International Literary Festival The Neilson Hays Library promotes a culture of reading.

Bangkok, Ministry of Culture Participate in the opening of the International Literary Festival The Neilson Hays Library promotes reading culture for Thai youth through the lens of Thai-international writers. Focus on using arts and culture to develop people Driving soft power through the creative industries

Mrs. Yupa Thawiwatthanakijaworn Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture presided over the opening ceremony of the Neilson Hays Bangkok Literature Festival 2023 at the Neilson Hays Surawongse Library along with Ms.Ping Kitnikone, Ambassador of Canada to Thailand. Representative from the Spanish Embassy in Thailand Japan Foundation Directors of the Office of Contemporary Arts and Culture (OCAC), the Office of Knowledge Management and Development (OKMD), the Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), representatives from many government and private agencies

Mrs. Yupa said that this festival will inspire new generations of writers. and promote the reading culture of Thai people Especially children and youth In addition to including famous writers both domestic and international. It is also a reflection. Exchange social perspectives through talks from many famous writers. Hopefully everyone who attends the event will learn about literature from around the world. Learned arts and culture together and to instill sustainable reading habits among Thai children and youth.

Mr. Prasop Riangngen, Director of the Office of Contemporary Arts and Culture, said that learning through writing is an important tool in human development The Ministry of Culture is not only responsible for preserving and perpetuating culture. But it also has a duty to drive other aspects. It is also about arts and culture, namely the use of arts and culture to develop people. Have an open perspective. There is an exchange of international cultural knowledge. Promote careers through the development of creative industries and promote the image of the country Give Thai people an image of being open to new knowledge. This will create a working network that promotes international relations. and can spread Thai culture as soft power

In terms of measures to promote the book industry in Thailand It will be promoted through organizing more events and activities to give writers space to publish their works. Including creating idols for readers. or literary idols To attract the new generation to be more interested in reading books. and study what limitations prevent the book industry from growing. In order to solve the limitations directly.

Ms. Nalin Vanasin, President of the Neilson Hays Library Association, provided information that the Neilson Hays Bangkok Literature Festival 2023 is one of the annual activities of the Neilson Hays Library. This year’s event was held on the 4th and 5 November 2023 covers the area from the Neilson Hays Library, British Club, Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse, Chakrabongse Villas. to The Standard Bangkok Mahanakhon Hotel, with both thinkers and thinkers invited More than 50 leading writers, both Thai and foreign, came to exchange with each other at the event.

Source: Thai News Agency