Phichit organizes Thailand’s first 8 km long marathon boat race.

The people of Pho Prathap Chang, Phichit Province, organized the first 8.5 km long boat marathon in Thailand. There were 9 boats participating in the race, rowing in the middle of the Yom River. Many rowers were exhausted and suffering from cramps. The boat that won this time was The Nong Saran Boat Team took almost 21 minutes.

Pho Prathap Chang Subdistrict Municipality and the villagers of Wang Chik Temple, Phichit Province, organized a long boat race for 7 rowers on the Yom River in front of Wang Chik Temple in the Kathin Samakkhi Ceremony. There were nearly 30 boat teams competing, highlighting this year’s boat competition. It is Thailand’s first marathon 7-row boat race, with a distance of 8.5 kilometers, with 9 boats competing on the Yom River being launched from communities in Pho Prathap Chang Municipality. join the competition with monks sprinkling holy water on the rowers before being released together With a troupe of Piphat joining in the boat to play the song of rowing a boat. including officer boats security guard

After the release, some teams rushed to paddle. Fighting for water along the Yom River with its winding curves, boat teams use rowing tricks. Due to the long distance Some save energy and pair up together. Some teams have to separate their rowers into different sections. Amidst the atmosphere on both sides of the river, there were villagers who came out to encourage the rowers.

When the paddle approaches the finish line Everyone hastened the rowers. But with a long distance Some teams can’t speed up. So he paddled to victory. As a result, the Nong Saran team Crossing the finish line in 1st place took almost 21 minutes. The rest gradually crossed the finish line. The last boat to enter took more than 30 minutes.

Rowing boatsman S. Sapsuknawa Entered as the last boat, the 9th boat. Said that rowing a boat is quite difficult and tiring. Because the Yom River is curved and winding. The long distances made some rowers exhausted. and cramps The organizing committee Therefore, awards were given to all 9 boat teams that participated in the competition. along with whole cartons of mineral drinks for rowers Relieve tiredness and thirst.

Source: Thai News Agency