Plan to create digital development ministry to be sent to Legislature

Taipei-A proposal for the establishment of a Ministry of Digital Development will be submitted to the Legislative Yuan during the current plenary session, a Cabinet official said Wednesday.

According to the Executive Yuan's plan, the ministry will be tasked with supervising the information and communication technology industry as well as network infrastructure construction and management of information and communication security.

The digital development ministry will incorporate the business of various government agencies, such as the National Communications Commission (NCC) and Department of Posts and Telecommunications under the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Department of Information Management under the National Development Council and the Cabinet's Department of Information Management.

The proposal is part of a Cabinet organizational reform plan involving a draft amendment to the Organizational Act of the Executive Yuan, which passed its third reading at the Legislative Yuan in 2010.

Under the organizational reform plan, the 37 agencies under the Cabinet will be reduced to 29, a process that began in 2012.

At present, five agencies have yet to be reformed, including establishing a national parks agency under the Ministry of the Interior and transforming the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) into the Ministry of Transportation and Construction.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will become the Ministry of Economic and Energy Affairs, the Environmental Protection Administration is set to become the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the Council of Agriculture will become the Ministry of Agriculture.

A consensus on the establishment of the Ministry of Digital Development has been reached, the official said, adding that a draft bill for its establishment will be submitted during the current legislative session which runs from Feb. 1 until late May.

The reform plans for the five other agencies will be submitted to the next legislative session which begins in September.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel