Release of “Baitoey” from Central Women’s Correctional Institution

Bangkok, Baitoey’s younger brother drives a Mercedes to pick up his older sister from the Central Women’s Correctional Institution. Amidst the army of media watching and making news Refuses to answer questions from the media. His lawyer reveals that he has evidence explaining the entire financial route. Confirming his innocence, not fleeing, preparing to write a request for bail for “DJ Man” soon.

At 6:30 p.m. last time (15 Nov. 2023) at the Central Women’s Correctional Institution, Mr. Amorn Kuson, lawyer for Miss Suteewan Kunchorn or Bai Toey, gave an interview to the media before Bai Toey’s release. He said that in the past he had written a request for bail 3 times, including this time. The first time the court saw that this case had a high value of damages. and afraid to escape Therefore, bail was not allowed. For the second time, there was no reason to change the original order. And this time I wrote several petitions that required giving reasons to the court. including bringing evidence to argue on that issue Once we knew the direction, we brought the evidence we were accused of into the fight. We fought from the beginning at the level of DSI employees. We didn’t just deny it. We have evidence to fight the case. There are arguments about everything. Can explain the entire financial path.

As for the previous case, some lawyers came out to say that Baitoey and DJ Man had escaped. On this issue, Baitoey and DJ Man never came out to respond. This, I would like to suggest, is a sin. What did you do that affected you? And now it can be proven to some degree that bail has been granted.

As for applying for bail for Mr. Patthanapon Minthakhin or DJ Man, Mr. Amorn stated that he must consult with his family first. It is expected that action will be taken soon. The evidence is the same. Still confirming sincerity And the legal process must wait to hear witnesses from July to December. Witness groups have already been divided. To make it easy to investigate the case Emphasize that we respect the work of the court.

As for his worries about life after this, Mr. Amon stated that he must be fair to him. This is just one process. Whatever happens must be given a chance. relax It depends on whether it is wrong or not. By the rules of the country that there are laws. If it’s wrong, admit it. After Baitoey learned that she would be temporarily released, her morale improved a lot and she cried because she had a small child. And the child still doesn’t know where his mother has gone. We don’t want children to absorb this kind of society. You have to keep supporting it. Along with thanking the court for bringing Baitoey back to the family and daughter.

Mr. Amorn concluded by saying that In the past we worked hard. Even though I’m discouraged, I don’t give up. I am very confident that this time I will get bail. This time the court listened. Thus, a picture of this kind of inquiry was born.

Later at 7:50 p.m., Mr. Chanwit Thaweesin or Lux, Bai Toey’s younger brother, drove a Mercedes E 300 model with a red license plate to pick him up in front of the Central Women’s Correctional Institution building. Baitoey sat in the middle of the back seat. wearing a pink shirt Wear a hygienic mask. and there were elderly men and women sitting on either side. It is assumed that they are Bai Toey’s parents. Baitoey refused to give interviews to the media. Before Baitoey’s younger brother drove away.

Source: Thai News Agency