Sherwood Taipei hotel to shut down after 2022 Valentine’s Day

The Sherwood Taipei, one of the most popular hotels in Taiwan's capital, will close its doors permanently immediately after Valentine's Day 2022, it said Thursday.

In a statement, the hotel thanked its guests and customers for their patronage over the past 32 years, but it gave no reasons for the decision to close permanently on Feb. 15 next year.

"Over the years, The Sherwood Taipei has welcomed many important politicians and international superstars," the statement read. "We have also collaborated with a number of the world's best culinary teams to present a plethora of guest events. Most importantly, our team at The Sherwood Taipei will always be proud to remember that we've presented our guests with the best services."

According to the statement, people who hold vouchers for dinning or accommodation at The Sherwood Taipei are advised to contact the hotel as soon as possible at telephone number (02)2718-1188.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel