Smoking ban for Taipei Main Station periphery from Jan. 1

Those caught smoking outside of designated smoking areas around Taipei Main Station will face fines of up to NT$10,000 (US$361) beginning Jan. 1.

The restrictions, part of a raft of city government measures designed to improve quality of life in the capital, will be effective within the area covering Gongyuan Road to the east; Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road to the south; Section 1, Chengde Road, and Section 1, Chongqing North Road to the west; and Section 1, Civic Boulevard, and Beiping West Road to the north.

Those that smoke in a restricted area will be fined between NT$2,000 and NT$10,000 for violating the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, the Taipei City Government's Department of Environmental Protection said.

The ban is one of three new measures the capital will implement from the beginning of 2022.

The second involves a NT$5 parking discount for scooter and motorcycle riders who park their vehicles in public parking areas in the city and then transfer to the MRT system within one hour of paying for parking with an EasyCard.

The preferential treatment, which is being expanded from roadside parking to public parking areas, is designed to encourage commuters to complete their journeys by MRT, according to the city's Department of Transportation.

The city will also create "air quality control zones" covering Taipei Songshan Airport and three city-owned garbage incinerators in Neihu, Muzha, and Beitou districts.

Starting Jan. 1, diesel-fueled vehicles that have not had their emissions rating certified by the city government and motorbikes that have not passed an annual check will be restricted from entering the air quality control zones.

Those violating the new restrictions will be fined NT$500 for two- and three-wheeled vehicles, NT$1,000 for a small-size diesel-fueled pickup, and NT$2,000 for a large diesel-powered truck or bus, after a three month grace period from Jan. 1-March 31, the city's environmental protection department said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel