Suspected human body parts found in bags at Kaohsiung’s Love River


Kaohsiung  Suspected human body parts stuffed into two travel bags were discovered by cleaners at Kaohsiung’s Love River at around noon Tuesday, the city police said that same day.

The cleaners employed by the city’s environmental protection bureau found the bags as they were cleaning up a section of the river near Jiuru Bridge, according to a statement released by the Kaohsiung Police Department’s Sanmin First Precinct.

They called police after finding suspected traces of blood leaking from the two bags, it noted.

Police later found suspected human remains in two black plastic bags inside the travel bags. The plastic bags appeared to contain two calves and some unidentified body parts, according to police sources.

A dumb bell was also found in one of the two travel bags, the sources said.

Police sources said they believe the body parts belong to one or more adults given the size of the calves they found.

Judging by the extent of the swelling, the person or persons could have been killed and dismembered before they were put into the bags with the dumb bell in an attempt to sink them, the police sources said.

Kaohsiung prosecutors are investigating case and the suspected human remains have been sent to the city mortuary prior to a forensics examination of the parts to be held the following day.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel


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