Taiwan’s power use hits record high for June

Taipei The scorching weather pushed peak electricity consumption in Taiwan to 36.627 million kilowatts on Monday, the highest peak usage this year and in any June in Taiwan’s history.

Power consumption peaked at 1:59 p.m. as the mercury in Taipei hit 37.6 degrees Celsius, prompting the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) to issue heat warnings for 11 cities and counties in northern and eastern Taiwan.

The second and third highest peak consumption levels for June were also recorded this year, at 36.34 million kilowatts on June 19 and 36.16 kilowatts on June 17, according to state-owned utility Taiwan Power Co.(Taipower).

The all-time high for peak power consumption was 37.383 million kilowatts, set on July 17, 2019, but Taipower believes that record could be broken in the coming months and reach nearly 38 million kilowatts.

Despite the record high for June, the current operating reserve margin, the maximum amount of capacity above peak available for use, was 10.51 percent, providing enough of a cushion for a relatively stable supply of electricity, Taipower said.

As air conditioning is the biggest consumer of energy during the summer, Taipower advised consumers to set their air conditioners at 26-28 degrees Celsius to conserve electricity.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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