The youth leads his group to chase down enemies from different institutions and injure them.

Nonthaburi, Muang Non youths led the group to attack them. Chasing and injuring enemies from different institutions After asking for a keychain and not giving it to me Police rush to check CCTV Follow and prosecute

Police from Pak Kret Police Station along with rescue volunteers Investigate the incident of a group of youths ganging up and attacking each other until they were injured. At the scene of the incident near the pavilion along the dam next to the Chao Phraya River, a 17-year-old male victim, a Vocational Certificate 1 student, was found to have been stabbed with a knife in the head above the forehead. The staff helped provide first aid. before being taken to the hospital for further treatment

The injured person said that he and his girlfriend came to sit at the edge of the dam. while standing smoking There were 3-4 teenagers riding motorcycles riding behind each other, about 6-7 people. At first they had already ridden past. Before turning around and asking: “Studying technology? What field are you in?” Then he asked if he could have a keychain. He told him not to. The assailants came down and attacked him and used knives to cut him. Then they fled on motorcycles.

As for the 13 year old child, a witness said that He and a group of friends came to sit together on the edge of the Tha Nam Dam. Saw a group of teenagers riding several motorcycles riding in the back. Then parked the car and walked towards the injured person. Talk and ask where the injured person studied. and asked for a keychain But the injured person didn’t give it. Then someone in the group opened his friend’s shirt and pulled out a knife. before raising the knife to cut but not getting hit The injured person ran away. Then he fell and was hit in the head.

Initially, the police interviewed witnesses who saw the incident. After this, they will inspect the CCTV cameras along the route before coming and after escaping. To track down the group of teenagers who caused the incident and bring them to justice.

Source: Thai News Agency