Wanted person busted during COVID-19 prevention check: CGA

Taipei-The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) has nabbed a person wanted on fraud changes while carrying out a measure at a ferry terminal in Pingtung County originally designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

CGA officers were at Dongliu Ferry Terminal in Donggang Township conducting a pre-boarding check of passengers set to travel to Liuqiu Island on Monday when they found that one of them, a 27-year-old surnamed Lin (?), was wanted by Pingtung prosecutors on fraud charges.

Lin was promptly arrested and sent to the Pingtung District Prosecutors Office for further questioning, according to the CGA.

It was the third arrest of a wanted person at the terminal since the CGA launched the pre-boarding checks on Jan. 11 during which passengers must show their ID cards before they can board their ferry.

The policy was put in place to prevent those required to serve 14-day home quarantines from leaving their quarantine locations, a move that could cause potential health risks to others, the CGA said in a statement.

The three people arrested to date during the checks were suspected of criminal offenses rather than of any violation related to COVID-19 restrictions.

Aside from the Pingtung terminal, similar checks have also been conducted since Jan. 11 at ferry terminals in Taiwan serving the offshore islands of Penghu and Orchid Island.

Those found breaking quarantine rules will be fined between NT$100,000 (US$3,547) and NT$1 million, according to the CGA.

Liuqiu Island, commonly called Xiaoliuqiu, is a coral island about 13 kilometers off the coast of Donggang. Over the past year, it has seen an explosion in tourists, because of COVID-19 travel restrictions preventing Taiwanese from leaving the country.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel