Deputy Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Receive complaints from the Civil Service Commission. Stealing a villager’s wife

Bangkok: Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture Ordered the Complaints Office to investigate the basic facts from the love-struck husband who “Gun Jom Phalang” brought to complain about being taken away by a director-level government official. If found to have grounds, disciplinary action will be taken. The man admitted to bringing his wife into the swinging industry himself. Until they found this government official who didn’t think deeply about it until the family was torn apart.

Mr. Nawanit Phonken, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, said Received a letter from a complainant to investigate the behavior of government officials under the Ministry of Agriculture. about adultery Therefore, Mr. Thewin Narin, Director of the Fund Management Office to Assist Farmers and Receive Complaints (SOR.), was assigned to receive the matter to investigate the preliminary facts.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture said that in the envelope of docu
ments that were delivered There is only a copy of the marriage certificate. The complainant has not provided details either verbally or in writing. There must be further investigation of the facts. After that, the OERC will send the details to the Personnel Division to present to the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture. If it is found that there is basis for the complaint, then it will consider taking disciplinary action according to the procedures.

Mr. Kanthat Pongpaiboonwet or “Gun Jom Phalang” took the man. Came to complain because he had been abandoned by his miserable wife. Her husband took her to join the swinging group. Then went to meet with government officials at the director level under the Ministry of Agriculture. Later, the relationship grew until it was over.

The husband said that he and his wife had been registered together for 12 years. Because he was curious and wanted to try, he started getting into the swinging industry about 10 years ago by being the one who persuad
ed his wife. But I don’t do it often to relieve boredom, thinking that it’s not wrong. If you respect the rules, that is. Must not enter into a romantic relationship with a swinging partner and must be present during every sexual encounter. Most painfully, the wife and this male government official continued to date each other. Even though he holds a marriage certificate But it’s like a meaningless piece of paper.

The husband continued: Before joining the swinging circle I have gotten to know this government official for about 2-3 months. A government official at the director level had family problems, so he consulted his wife. In the first stage it is normal. Later, it began to be noticed that The wife talked to this government official more often and also found that the male government official offered enticing things. Starting with small items, later offering communications equipment worth half a hundred thousand, BMW cars worth millions. Until causing his wife to go crazy, claiming that she wanted to hav
e a good quality of life. Until April, he and his wife were at odds with each other. The wife appears bored with her husband because he cannot respond to various things. The wife talks to him less. He tried to beg his wife to stop, but to no avail.

For this high-ranking government official At first he admitted that See him as an older brother because of who he chooses to join in the swinging circle with his wife. Must be able to trust to a certain extent But when something like this happens I told this government official that I had already forgotten too much and received the answer: I want women to have a good quality of life.

At this time we still hope that Will return to being a family as before and want this government official to be responsible for causing his family to be torn apart. If I could go back, I wouldn’t want it to happen.

For such swinging groups He was the one who set up the group himself. As for the person who brings people into the group Start with people you know Then talk about Do you
have the same tastes? before inviting you to join the group In the past, after having a relationship, there was nothing at all. Apart from this group, there are many other groups. There are large groups, small groups, hardcore groups, money-making groups, some groups have about 400 people, but the group that encountered this high-ranking government official has about 30 people, including all walks of life, including khaki, grey, green, businessmen and politicians.

Gun Jom Phalang said This husband had come to complain once before. The couple have been together for 10 years and want to find color in their married life. So he entered the swinging industry. Usually the boyfriend is the one who chooses the boyfriend to join the group. Live life normally Until recently There were three high-ranking government officials joining the group. The rule was that the husband must be present at all times. After this high-ranking government official came in The relationship has gone too far. Until the husband had to leave
the house, which was very pitiful.

Submitting a complaint today want to commit a serious breach of discipline Along with preparing to sue the adulterer, he will help with a lawyer because he has no money at all and has nothing left now.

Source: Thai News Agency

Accelerate water storage Ask farmers to wait for rain to plant rice this year

Bangkok: Royal Irrigation Department stated Prepare to manage water in the rainy season of 2024 to support both the rainy season in mid-June. – Mid-July At the same time, prepare for heavy rain at the end of the season. Accelerate water storage costs Reserve for use in the next dry season. Ready to ask for cooperation from farmers to use rainwater as the main source of preparation for planting rice in the first year.

Mr. Chuchat Rakjit, Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department, together with Ms. Kanwee Sitthijiphak, Director-General of the Meteorological Department, announced the water situation in the rainy season and the water management plan.

Director-General of the Meteorological Department said El Niño conditions are now weakening and will reach neutral in June. Then it will change to a weak La Niña condition in July with a probability of 69 percent. Therefore, from mid-June to mid-July there may be a period of rain in some areas. But from mid-July to September, there will be increased rainf
all and heavy rainfall in some areas continuing until the end of 2024. It is also expected that Around August to October, there may be 1 – 2 tropical cyclones moving into Thailand. The total rainfall in this year’s rainy season will be close to normal.

Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department said Remind irrigation projects across the country to strictly follow the 10 measures to deal with the rainy season in 2024 that the National Water Administration (NCW) has set out. Ready to closely and continuously monitor and monitor weather conditions from related agencies. Use the data to analyze and plan water management to be consistent with the situation and within the specified criteria. along with storage Including inspecting irrigation buildings to ensure they are ready for use at their full potential. Ready to determine personnel Define risk areas Prepare machinery, tools and communication systems for various areas. To be able to resolve the situation immediately

Importantly, public relations must
be continuously alerted to the public about water situations that may affect the public. According to the orders of Captain Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

The Royal Irrigation Department is ready to accept both the dry spell and heavy rain. Water will be managed meticulously and concisely in accordance with the situation. As well as emphasizing water storage to reserve for use in the next dry season.

Mr. Det Lekwichai, Deputy Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department, said During the dry season of 2023/24, the Royal Irrigation Department has planned to allocate water for the dry season, which starts from 1 November 2023 until 30 April 2024, for a total of 24,985 million cubic meters (cubic meters). Only the Chao Phraya River Basin plans to allocate approximately 8,700 water. million cubic meters to support the use of water for consumption Preserve ecosystems, agriculture and industry Including controlling the salinity and water quality in various main rivers. At pre
sent, the dry season is over. It is found that the entire country has used water throughout the dry season, totaling approximately 23,832 million cubic meters, accounting for 95 percent of the plan. The Chao Phraya River Basin has a total water use of approximately 8,586 million cubic meters, or 99 percent of the plan.

However, the areas in the irrigation area are not affected by the water shortage problem. There is also a sufficient amount of water reserved for use at the beginning of the rainy season. As of 1 May 2024, large and medium sized reservoirs throughout the country have a total water volume of 41,765 million cubic meters, still able to support water. During the rainy season, more than 34,572 million cubic meters can be gained, only in the Chao Phraya River Basin, 4 main dams include Bhumibol Dam. Sirikit Dam Kwai Noi Bamrung Daen Dam and the Pasak Cholasit Dam have a combined water volume of 11,256 million cubic meters, which can support more than 13,615 million cubic meters of water during the r
ainy season.

At the same time, measures have been put in place to manage water in the rainy season. To have enough water to use until the next dry season. By allocating adequate water for consumption and maintaining the ecosystem. along with requesting cooperation from farmers who will grow rice in the annual rice season to use rainwater as the main basis. By waiting for consistent rain to fall before preparing the plot for planting. Then use additional irrigation water.

In addition, it is emphasized that Rain situation and water situation this year It will not be like the year 2011 which had a huge flood. In 2011 there was heavy rain from the beginning of the season. Moreover, the Royal Irrigation Department currently has various measures and tools. to manage runoff for maximum efficiency along with water storage Including planning for flood prevention. To reduce the impact and alleviate suffering for the people as much as possible.

Source: Thai News Agency

Complain about the scandal of the Ministry of Agriculture Enter the world of swinging Stealing a villager’s wife

Bangkok: May 27 – ‘Kan Chom Phalang’ invades the Ministry of Agriculture. Bring your husband to complain about a male government official at the director level’s behavior in stealing the wives of villagers. Enter the world of swinging And then build a relationship.

Mr. Kanthat Phongpaiboonwet or “Kan Jom Phalang” brought his love-struck husband to complain to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives because he had been abandoned by his miserable wife. After taking him into a swinging group and meeting a high-ranking government official under his supervision Then build a relationship until it’s over. Mr. Kan brought the aforementioned husband to submit a letter requesting an investigation into the behavior of male government officials.

The recipient of the letter is Mr. Nawanit Phonken, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. There will be further investigation of the facts.

News reports indicate that The accused official is a director level official under the Royal I
rrigation Department. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Source: Thai News Agency

A lone thief breaks in and steals cash from a convenience store top-up machine.

Surin A thief breaks in alone and steals cash. Complete with steel box, top-up machine, convenience store in gas station. before riding a motorcycle parked in front of the store and fleeing. The police rushed to track him down and prosecute him.

Police at Choknasam Police Station, Prasat District, Surin Province, were first informed of a thief pulling out a sharp knife and threatening to steal cash and a steel box from a top-up machine at a convenience store inside a gas station in Tani Subdistrict, Prasat District, Surin Province. Escaped, got 2,055 baht

Ms. Pornpimon and Ms. Rungjira, employees of a convenience store who was in shock said that on May 25, 2024, around 11:00 p.m., the two men came to perform their regular duties inside the store where the incident occurred. Around midnight, he opened the cash from the Boonterm top-up machine along with the metal box and put it in the convenience store. to prepare for delivery to the business owner When the amount of 2,055 baht was counted, a steel box cont
aining that amount of cash was placed on the employee’s chair.

Later, the culprit was a tall man. Wear faded jeans Black long-sleeved shirt with face covering He walked into the store and pushed Ms. Phonphimon, a convenience store employee, into the counter area and said, “I’ll take the Boonterm money,” then rushed in and picked up a metal box containing cash that was placed on the employee’s chair.

At that time, Ms. Rungjira, another employee of the store Noticed the behavior of rushing to snatch the money box from the criminal. The culprit then pulled out a sharp knife to threaten him, then quickly picked up a metal box, jumped over the counter, ran outside the store, onto a motorcycle parked on the south side of the store that was already engined, and hurriedly fled on the motorcycle. go out Therefore, he hurriedly called to report the incident to radio center 191 so that the police could track down this criminal and take legal action.

Initially, the police recorded the CCTV footage for investigation. R
eady to coordinate with the investigative team to go to the surrounding area. To find news and check CCTV along the route where the criminals came and ran away. In order to hasten to track down and prosecute quickly

Source: Thai News Agency

The culprit has been found to have killed an older man and hid himself in a condominium.

Nonthaburi Case of brutal murder of an older man who hid in a condominium. Ngamwongwan area, Nonthaburi Province. Recently, the police have identified the culprit. After finding clear CCTV evidence

Last night, Muang Nonthaburi Police Station along with doctors from the Institute of Forensic Science Inspected inside a room on the 6th floor of a condominium. Ngamwongwan area, Nonthaburi Province, after receiving a report that the body of a man had been found murdered with his throat slit. Hidden in the room Expected to die in at least 5-6 days.

During the initial investigation, the roommate testified that In the middle of the night on May 20th I heard people arguing loudly. and there was the sound of people shouting Knock on the room to ask for help Therefore notify the juristic person to come and investigate. After that, no sound was heard again. After 3 days, a bad smell was smelled from the room. Therefore notified the officials to come and investigate. And use the locksmith to unlock the room. The deceas
ed’s body was found in the kitchen next to the back balcony. It was covered with a mattress and pillows. There were blood splatters all over the floor and walls of the room. As for the condition of the corpse, there were stab wounds all over the body, neck, and cheekbone, which were serious wounds. Total of 15 wounds.

Later in the morning Police Colonel Chaturon Anurag Pandit Muang Nonthaburi Police Chief revealed that the deceased was Mr. Phaisan, age 54, the owner of the room. As for the perpetrator, it was a male acquaintance who lived in the room together. Police investigators are rushing to track him down for questioning. As for images from CCTV cameras inside the condo I checked and found that Some items inside the building are broken. But the police have collected all CCTV footage from the outside.

Open the CCTV image The culprit was found accompanying the suspect.

Reporters traveled to the condo where the incident occurred and images from the condo’s CCTV camera found that at 10:24 p.m. on the nigh
t of May 20 last. The deceased drove his car and parked in the condo. Then the deceased (blue shirt) was seen walking up the elevator with the suspect (black shirt) and there was a conversation in the elevator. before taking each other into the room

Later, at around 1 a.m., a suspicious man was seen walking down the elevator alone. and similar to walking to get some items from the deceased person’s car Before returning to the room and spending more than 4 hours in the room, until around 4 a.m., the suspect walked down the elevator with a green cloth bag and left the condo.

The legal entity stated that Don’t know the perpetrator Most encounter a single deceased person. When I come to contact Niti or pick up items, I never bring my followers with me. The deceased was the owner of the room and lived at the condo. This has been going on for more than 5 years. Previously, there were residents who reported that they heard people arguing with each other. But when I went up to look, it was quiet. So I can’t specify
which room.

A close friend revealed that he was suspicious that the deceased had turned off his cell phone. Claiming to fly urgently to China

Meanwhile, close friends of the deceased gradually arrived. Muang Nonthaburi Police Station Before one of the deceased’s close friends gave information to reporters that The deceased could not be contacted since May 21st. Even though they had an appointment, which was unusual because the deceased always had a cell phone with him. We’ve known each other for more than 20 years and never turned off the phone. And it still turns on again in the evening. Ready to send stickers on Line Claiming that work was a problem, he had to fly to China. He also told him to take care of himself. Normally, the deceased lived with his mother at home. From time to time, his brother’s children would come to live with him. As for the condominium, he did not live there regularly, coming and going. The deceased worked to import goods from China and Hong Kong to deliver to merchants at Platinu
m. Pratunam: The deceased person did not have a girlfriend. Never known or brought to see As for the man who was in the closed circuit, he never saw him and the deceased never came to vent anything. Confirm that there is no problem with money. Is it expected that the reason might be money problems with the suspect? Because normally the deceased was a simple person. Never had a problem with anyone.

The deceased’s mother gave a statement to the police. Confirm that your child has no enemies.

The mother of the deceased went to meet with the investigating officer. To give testimony in sorrow Before taking the police van to the condominium where the incident occurred to inspect the son’s property to see if anything was missing or not. The mother of the deceased confirmed that The son is a good person. There are no enemies anywhere

Source: Thai News Agency

Rangers clash with drug caravan in Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai Province, seizing 300,000 methamphetamine tablets.

Chiang Mai Rangers, Pha Mueang Army Clashed with a drug caravan on the border in Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai Province, seizing 300,000 methamphetamine tablets.

Rangers, Pha Mueang Army Clash with drug caravan Late today (May 27) after investigating the possibility of drugs being transported into the Thai-Myanmar border area. Near Nama-uen Village, Mae Ai Subdistrict, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai Province, a group of 3-5 men with weapons were found walking in along the border channel, so they asked to search, but the opposite party used firearms to shoot at the officers and they clashed for a long time. It was about 5 minutes before the criminals retreated. One of them is believed to have been shot and seriously injured.

after the sound of gunfire Rangers riding motorcycles block the escape of a drug caravan. and inspecting the point of collision with the drug caravan At the scene, three backpacks were found abandoned. Inspection found they contained a total of 300,000 methamphetamine tablets and one Thai-ma
de firearm. Therefore, additional forces were sent to expand the follow-up operation for another two teams. Deployed forces to take control of the area where the clash occurred

Source: Thai News Agency

From a crazy person to a durian millionaire

Yasothon Two father and son from Yasothon. Stop growing rubber trees. Turned to growing durian Neighbors called him crazy. After 5 years, they were amazed because the durian trees were full of fruit. Generate income of several hundred thousand baht per year

Monthong Durian Garden On an area of over 7 rai at Ban Don Hee, Sawat Subdistrict, Loeng Nok Tha District, Yasothon Province, there are 115 durian trees, almost every one of them bearing fruit. Most of the villagers here are rice farmers and rubber plantations, but a father and son cut down rubber trees. Turned to growing Monthong durian They began experimenting with planting them in 2015 and began seriously planting them in 2017, taking care of them until the durian trees they planted grew. I’ve been growing fruit for 2 years now. In the beginning it didn’t produce much. But when entering the 3rd year, almost every tree has fruit. It is considered the only durian orchard in Yasothon Province that has been successful.

Besides durian Within the garden, m
angosteen, rambutan, and bananas are also planted, along with durian trees. To be able to harvest other types of crops and sell them in rotation while waiting for the durian production to come out.

Mr. Anuchai Netawong, 33 years old, owner of a durian orchard, said that when he first decided to grow durian, The villagers accused him and his father of being crazy. This is because rubber was originally planted in this area. But he and his father cut down the rubber trees and planted lemons instead. Later, he went to buy durian plants from the eastern region. In order to sell the plants, but they couldn’t sell them, so they decided to experiment with interplanting 9 plants in a lemon orchard in 2015. It appeared that they could be planted and grew well. Later, in 2017, they began seriously planting a total of 115 plants, taking care of them with great care. good Until the durian trees that were planted grew beautifully. It started producing harvests 2 years ago, but the production was not much. Until this year,
the durian yield is approximately 70% fruitful. It is expected that this year durians will be sold for at least 300,000 baht, compared to 50,000 baht two years ago. Importantly, durians here are grown on sandy soil. Makes the meat dry and crispy, sweet and smells not pungent because the villagers accused him of calling him crazy. Now there are people who hire themselves and their father to take care of growing durian for them.

As for the price of durian in front of the garden The price is set at 200 baht per kilogram according to the grade of durian. And prepare the garden for those interested to visit and buy durian at the end of May. If anyone is interested, you can follow them on their Facebook page. Muang Loeng Durian Garden Or ask for more information at 081-0691871.

Source: Thai News Agency

Squid fishing competition on Jomtien Beach

Chonburi Hundreds of both Thai and foreign tourists. Participate in a squid fishing competition on Jomtien Beach.

during the last holiday Jomtien Beach, Chonburi Province, organizes ‘Pattaya Squid Fair 2024 Taste of The Sea, Squid and Beach Seafood Festival’. The highlight of the event is a squid fishing competition on the beach. which has both Thai and foreign tourists More than 150 people participated in the activity.

Contestants Will stand and fish for squid on the beach. arranged in long rows along the beach The atmosphere was fun. Because besides the people competing There were also people who came to encourage, cheer on, and crowd the beach.

This event is organized by the Pattaya Chonburi Business and Tourism Association in collaboration with the Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organization, Pattaya City and network partners. to promote tourism about seafood Create jobs and income for local people. In addition to organizing squid fishing competitions on the beach, There are also over 70 shops sel
ling food. especially seafood Good things and famous things of Chonburi province. that can be pushed “Soft power” of the country

Source: Thai News Agency

like! A kind boat captain helps a green turtle get caught in a net.

Krabi Praise for the kind-hearted boat captain. Help save the life of a green turtle caught in a net in the middle of the sea in front of Phi Phi Island, Krabi Province. He survived while driving a boat taking tourists back from Maya Bay. amidst the joy of tourists

This is a video clip. that are shared online and received a lot of praise Meanwhile, the captain of a long-tailed tour boat named “Monthathip Boat” was helping a green turtle caught in a fishing net floating in the middle of the sea. Around Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Krabi Province, they tried to use a knife to cut off the remains of the fishing net that was entangled on the turtle’s body and legs. Before releasing the turtle into the sea Amidst the joy of the tourists who boarded the said ship. and admire the kindness of the ship captain

Mr. Natthakorn, 22 years old, the owner of the clip, who is the captain of the said boat, said that the incident occurred around 2:00 p.m. on May 25th. Himself and another friend who
was the captain of another boat, drove the boat back from taking tourists to Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Krabi Province, when it arrived in front of Phi Phi Island. I turned and saw a pile of trash, as if some animal was trying to scramble in the middle of the sea. So he drove the boat closer. It appeared that a green turtle was found stuck in a piece of fishing net floating in the middle of the sea. So a boat was moored to help remove the pieces of the net. It takes about 5 minutes to remove the pieces of net that are wrapped around the turtle. The condition of the turtle It was found to be still completely strong. But there was a slight bruise on his right leg from being strangled by the fishing net. So he was released to be free.

Mr. Natthakorn also told everyone, including tourists and fishermen, to help preserve the environment. Do not leave garbage into the ocean. This garbage may harm marine animals

Source: Thai News Agency

Invite you to travel and stay in Wang Nam Khiao. Eat unlimited durian for free Stimulating the economy during the low season

Nakhon Ratchasima Going hard to stimulate the tourism economy during the low season. Invite tourists to stay at Wang Nam Khieo Resort. Eat unlimited durian for free

Mr. Phongthep Malachasingh, president of the Wang Nam Khiao District Tourism Promotion Club, revealed that after tourism in Wang Nam Khiao District had been stagnant for a long time. Especially this period is the low season. Tourism Promotion Club Wang Nam Khiao District Therefore, together with those who provide accommodation Organize tourism promotion incentives From June 1-30, we invite tourists to stay at more than 20 resorts participating in the campaign. In addition to room prices being reduced by more than 50%, they also provide unlimited free durian eating for 1 hour each day. There will be 5-7 rounds of eating starting at 10:00 a.m. onwards at the service point at Ban Din meeting room (on Road 304, next to the PTT gas station), which will be durian from Wang Nam Khiao, Pak Chong, Seng Sang, Khonburi and Prachinburi province. It is expec
ted that such activities will stimulate tourism in the area. If successful In addition to being organized every year Still expanding to other types of fruit, we invite people to come and visit. Eat durian at Wang Nam Khiao Guaranteed to relax in a good atmosphere. Ozone is ranked 7th in the world. You can also eat delicious durian to your heart’s content.

Those interested can call You can inquire about participating accommodations and resorts such as Rim Lagoon 081-6115515, Kiang Mok Chalet 081-6115515, Sunset Lagoon 081-6115515, Cool Living Farmhouse Line @coolliving, Ban Din Wang Nam Khiao 082-2762223, I Mok Chalet 063-1898696, Villa Khao Phaeng Ma 081-8466768, Ban Wang Nam Khiao Lodge 083-2999099, De Bua Valley 081-7181191, Knicks Longstay 081-6998484, International Camping 064-8983399, Fawaree 061-1465619, Viman Kluai Mai 081-9492652, Jungle View 081-3765929

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