Mercury dips to 17 degrees, cold and humid weekend forecast for northern Taiwan

Northeasterly winds brought lows of 17 degrees Celsius to New Taipei early Saturday, with the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecasting cold and humid weekend weather for northern Taiwan until seasonal winds weaken on Monday.

Saturday's low of 17 degrees on the plains of Taiwan proper was recorded by the CWB in New Taipei City's Ruifang District. Temperatures also dipped to 17.3 degrees in the city's Wugu District and Chidu District in Keelung.

The chilly weather will remain in northern and northeastern Taiwan over the weekend, with daytime temperatures hovering between 22-25 degrees and falling as low as 18-19 degrees in the evening, the CWB said.

There is also a high chance of rain in these regions, with showers expected in the mountainous areas of northeastern Taiwan and the Greater Taipei Area, and coastal areas in Keelung.

However, the CWB said seasonal winds will have less of an impact on central and southern Taiwan.

Daytime highs will reach 30-31 degrees in central and southern Taiwan, but the mercury is expected to drop dramatically to 22-23 degrees in the evening, the CWB said.

These parts of Taiwan can expect mostly cloudy weather, with few chances of rain except for mountainous areas.

Temperatures will rise slightly as northeasterly winds begin to weaken on Monday morning.

Rain will remain in northern and eastern Taiwan between Monday and Friday, with sunny or cloudy weather forecast for most other parts of the island.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel