Referendums 2021

Polls for Taiwan's first national referendums held independently of central or local government elections closed at 4 p.m. Saturday.

Vote counting is streamed live online by the Central Election Commission:

17: "Do you agree that the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant should be unsealed and operated commercially to generate electricity?"

18: "Do you agree that the government should prohibit imports of pork, offal, or other related products that contain the ß-agonist, ractopamine?"

19: "Do you agree that a referendum should be held concurrently with a national election if it complies with the Referendum Act and if the election is scheduled to take place within six months of the referendum being approved?"

20: "Do you agree that CPC Corp.'s planned site for Taiwan's third liquefied natural gas terminal should be relocated from an algal reef off the coast of Datan, Taoyuan, and its adjacent waters?"

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel