Taiwan to serve as HPE’s next-generation technology hub

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has laid out a plan to make Taiwan its global next-generation innovative technology and strategic supply chain hub, focusing on technologies such as 5G applications, edge computing and high performance computing.

At a news conference, HPE Taiwan head Jon Wang (???) said his company will increase its investment and build the company's presence in Taiwan to develop a wide range of next-generation technologies.

Taiwan is well-positioned to serve as HPE's technology hub, Wang said, because it has already become a center of procurement, planning, raw material management and engineering design for the company with the help of Taiwan suppliers.

At the same time, HPE's global strategic procurement center has been led by its Taiwan operations, and it will have local professionals work with other Taiwanese tech companies in the future, Wang said.

HPE, spun off from PC giant HP in 2015 to focus on a portfolio covering the cloud, data centers, and workplace applications, has seen its employees in Taiwan grow about 30 percent in the past three years, Wang said, and the company is currently hiring an additional 100 or more.

Wang said HPE appreciates Taiwan's technology-driven economy, rich supplier ecosystem and large high-tech talent pool, which is why parent company HP has steadily boosted investment in Taiwan over the past 50 years.

Though Wang did not provide specifics on the amount of HPE's investment in Taiwan at present or planned investment in the future, he said the company will spend millions in Taiwan dollars to upgrade its lab in Taiwan to strengthen its server and storage services development.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel