Be sure before sharing CyberAlert!: Police warn! Beware of pages selling fake lottery tickets.

6 Nov. 2023 from the case where a victim won a prize from buying a government lottery ticket. or lottery (Lottery) but did not receive the prize money Because later it was found that he had been tricked into buying government lottery tickets. Through a fake Facebook page of a scammer who pretends to be

Government lottery distribution service provider or one famous online lottery which is deceptive in such a way It is considered a scam in its original form. In the past, fraudsters often faked Facebook pages. By naming it like or close to the real page Pretending to use a company symbol or that agency to build trustworthiness Whether it’s a fake page, a scam to sell products or online service Fake government agency page Fake company pages Fake financial institution page fake accommodation pages, etc.

Pol. Col. Kritsana Pattanacharoen, spokesman for the SOT, added that in using or accessing various services on social media Especially such as contacting agencies or various online stores You should check those channels carefully beforehand that they belong to the agency. Or is that store real? Ask people to be conscious. Don’t be easily fooled, even if scammers open a new page that looks like a real page to deceive you. If there are people who are conscious and don’t believe it, check carefully first. Will definitely not fall victim to these scammers. However, in the past, the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters has worked with relevant agencies. Continuously find ways to solve such problems. In particular, the establishment of the Anti Online Scam Operation Center or AOC 1441 Center, which opened on 1 November 2023 in order to provide integration in preventing and suppressing online crimes. The One Stop Service Center can immediately freeze the accounts of fraudsters for citizens. Including giving advice to the public about online cases via hotline 1441 24 hours a day.

7 things you must know before buying lottery tickets online!

1. Be careful when buying products through online channels. Avoid purchasing products that do not have a store front. You should contact to buy from the company. or direct distributor

2. If you want to buy products through Facebook page Must be careful of fake pages or a counterfeit page belonging to a criminal The actual page should have a high number of followers. The account was created a long time ago. No questionable name changes. and have clear contact details You can call to inquire.

3. Check the transparency of the page. Has the name been changed before or not? Is the page manager based in the country? If you’re not in the country, you might be a criminal.

4. Before transferring payment for the product Please check the account name. and the bank account number receiving the money transfer Whether they have a bad history or not through the website Google, Blacklistseller, etc. In this case, money should be transferred to pay for lottery tickets through the company account only. If it is a natural person’s name, it is assumed that it is a scammer’s horse account.

5.If additional money is transferred Claiming that it is a fee, tax, or any other fee, it is assumed that they are a scammer as well.

6. Please help press report the account. or fake Facebook page To prevent others from believing and become a victim

7. Always follow government news.

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Source: Thai News Agency