Taiwan Girls Day celebrated with educational events

Educational women’s rights events are being launched to celebrate the 10th annual Taiwan Girls Day, the Cabinet-level Gender Equality Commission said Saturday.


One of them will be an exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Culture’s National Taitung Living Art Center, featuring the gender equality-based works of Taiwanese female artist Asali Sun (孫傳莉) Oct. 15-31.


The National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, meanwhile, will hold a concert honoring Taiwan Girls Day and women, and the Taiwan Women’s Film Association along with the Ministry of Education and other sponsors will present films on gender equality and feminism at this year’s Women Makes Waves International Film Festival from Oct. 14 to 23.


According to the commission, 19 of Taiwan’s local governments have responded calls to organize events to celebrate Taiwan Girls Day, including events such as fun runs, markets, and gender equality workshops.


At the same time, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said it has been increasing community awareness of zero tolerance on violence, while the Ministry of Justice has strengthened training on the Stalking and Harassment Prevention Act to help prosecutors better evaluate cases involving women and children.


Taiwan first established the day in 2013 to protect and enhance the rights of girls and young women after the United Nations declared Oct. 11, 2012, the first International Day of the Girl Child.




Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel