The Thai national team lost to China 1-2 in the first game of World Cup qualifying.

Bangkok, 2026 World Cup qualifying round, Asian zone, round 2, first match, Group C, the Thai national team lost to China 1-2 at home. The next match, the Thai national team will visit Singapore on 21 Nov. ’23 at 7:00 p.m. Thai time

2026 World Cup Qualifying Round, Asia Zone, Round 2, group stage, Group C, first match, the Thai national team meets the Chinese national team at home. In this game, Mano Polking sets up the attack, led by Suphanat Mueanta along with Supachok. Sarachat, Chanathip Songkrasin and Bodin Phala. Aleksandar Jankovic organized a large team led by Wu Lei, Wu Xi and Wei Shi Hao.

The game started 23 minutes from a counterattack where Bodin Phala shot and made a save before Supachoke Sarachat picked it up and passed it on to Sarach Yooyen, who volleyed with his left to give the Thai national team a 1-0 lead in the 29th minute. China cut the ball straight. in the middle before Wen Chi Hao brought the ball through and passed it to Wu Lei to charge in. The score returned to the same level at 1-1.

In the 35th minute, Thailand made their first substitution, sending Manuel Tom Beer to play in place of Pansa Hemwiboon. In injury time, Thailand got a chance again from the moment Chanathip Songkrasin got a volley in front of the penalty area. But the ball went over the bar. The first half ended tied 1-1.

Second half, 59 minutes, Chanathip Songkrasin opened for Sarach Yooyen, header to save, 63 minutes, Kevin Deeromram came onto the field to play in place of Pokklao Anan, 74 minutes, Xia Peng Fei went in before dropping the ball to Wang Chang. Yuan’s close header gave China a 2-1 lead in the 82nd minute. Supachok Sarachat spun with his right. The ball just missed the second post. During the remaining period there were no additional goals. The game ended with the Thai national team losing to China 1-2.

Next schedule The Thai national team must invade and visit Singapore. At the Singapore National Stadium on November 21, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. Thailand time. Live broadcast on Thairath TV

List of 11 starting players: Wathiwat Khammai (GK), Theerathon Bunmathan (C), Kritsada Kaman, Sarach Yooyen, Supachoke Sarachat, Bodin Phala, Pansa Hemwiboon, Suphanat Muean. Ta, Chanathip Songkrasin, Tristan Do, Pokklao Anan.

Source: Thai News Agency